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Case Study – Daniel Baxter

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance

What attracted you to the course?

I was required to take the NVQ Level 3 in Engineering Maintenance as part of a work promotion. The skills and knowledge gained from taking this course would give me the requirements needed to take on this new role. I previously did a Level 2 NVQ in Engineering whilst I was in the army. I served there for 10 years, with 6 years working on the Challenger II tanks and then 4 years as a combat medic. The online aspect meant I had the flexibility to learn whilst working.

How has your experience of the course been?

To start off with, I struggled to adapt to going back to education as I hadn’t completed any educational courses for around 20 years prior to this. I found writing up the theory side of things was challenging as academic writing is slightly different from how it was 20 years ago compared to how it is now. However, after submitting my first assignment and receiving feedback from my course tutors, it really helped me with improving my writing techniques and developing my skills. Thereafter, it was a smooth and easy ride, and because I managed to have days where I could get a lot done I managed to complete the course in 4 months so I felt proud of how much I achieved during the course.

Were there any challenges you encountered during the course?

Apart from the start of the course where I found the academic side new to me after 20 years away from education, there wasn’t any other challenges. I found the online aspect was really good for me because of the flexibility you get, there was days where I had spare time and spend eight hours cracking on with writing up jobs, and the days where I didn’t have much time because of my job (as a mechanical craftsman) was fine because I made sure to be effective with time management. The feedback I got made sure I was effective and the online nature of the course meant I was able to complete the course faster than I would’ve done at an in-person educational setting, I didn’t have to travel back and fourth, I didn’t have to spend money on travelling and it was done at the comfort of my home.

What are you currently doing now after completing the course?

I’m still working as a mechanical craftsman in a hospital within the NHS, as all the jobs are filled at the moment, but I’ve been given the promotion once the position becomes available at my workplace. I’ve also done further job specific courses such as HVAC and a few others, which gives me specific skills to carry out the duties in my new role.

Do you have any future plans in achieving your career goals?

Academically, I’m looking to take a HNC or HND, when the position opens up for the new role I will be commencing that. I have also been approached by other companies for higher paid positions since taking the NVQ Level 3 course, however I’m happy with where I’m working but it’s good knowing there are other options available.