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Drinks Dispense Technician


Drinks dispense technicians may work directly for a brand owner or brewery, or contractors that provide engineering services work on their behalf.

Drinks Dispense Technician

As an apprenticeship training provider, Semester LD is now able to offer the Drinks Dispense Technician apprenticeship. As such, the Drinks Dispense Technician (DDT) has been around for many years, but only now is there an apprenticeship for the industry. Therefore, this course will give you the specialist knowledge to apply in the workplace

Drinks Dispense Technician Roles

Subsequently, some roles include:

  • Firstly, Beer quality technician
  • Cellar technician
  • Coding
  • Customer technical engineer
  • Drinks dispense technician
  • Field service technician
  • Softs drinks engineer
  • Technical representative
  • Lastly, Technical services technician

What does a Drinks Dispense Technician do?

Firstly, the broad purpose of the occupation is responsibility for the installation and maintenance of drinks dispense systems. Additionally, the aim is to build, install, maintain and repair complex drinks dispensing equipment. Therefore, ensuring their customer can, in turn, deliver drinks of the right specification and quality to their customers. Further to this, some drinks dispense technicians will specialise in certain types of drinks and/or brands. Whereas, others will work across a wide spectrum, for example beer, wine, cider, nitrogenated coffee and soft-drinks.

Secondly, the role involves the application of a broad range of knowledge and skills. Included to this, fault-finding, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, gas pressure systems and pipework. As such, tasks are often complex and non-routine requiring the technician to identify and initiate the appropriate solution. Therefore, skills that will be used are problem solving, use of diagnostic skills and own initiative will be needed to address out of specification issues that may be encountered. Additionally, an essential part of the role is informing, educating and providing guidance to the customer in equipment use, beverage quality and delivery of the perfect pour. Furthermore, product sampling may be required.

Lastly, depending on the work required, they may spend the day at one venue or working across a number of outlets, working to deadlines. Therefore, it will often involve working in confined spaces, such as a cellar. Moreover, they may be working on the dispense system as a whole, or on certain parts, such as the python (pipework composite encompassing capacity for multiple product lines and temperature control), coolers or dispense fonts. For more information, please visit here.

What does Semester LD offer?

Semester LD has a vast experience of dealing with major manufacturers in upskilling their workforce. Correspondingly, this is achieved through our NVQ and HNC programmes in lots of sectors. As such, some of these companies can be found on our About Page.

Please take a look at the standard:


Assignments, Observation, Portfolio of Evidence




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