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Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician


This occupation is found in the compressed air and vacuum industry, which is made up of manufacturers and distributors of compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic tools and allied products.

Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician Apprenticeship (ST0817)

The broad purpose of the Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician is to install and commission compressed air and/or vacuum equipment and their associated systems. Furthermore, completing servicing, fault diagnosis, repair and to ensure equipment is operating and controlled at its optimum efficiency. In addition, they agree the work scope with the customer and handover. Included in this, detailing the work completed, providing technical and regulatory advice and any further recommendations. As such, they will complete a range of documentation/reports, including risk assessments and service records. Moreover, the role requires practical hands on engineering skills and good communication skills with colleagues, management, suppliers and end users.

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The Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician Apprenticeship:

We will deliver the apprenticeship, at the employer location over a period of up to 3 years. Knowledge (Off the Job) will be delivered by distance learning online, and will be available 24/7.

On the job, you will be carrying out the duties of a Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician, supervised by qualified personnel.


Entry Requirements for the Compressed Air and Vacuum Technician Apprenticeship:

You need to be ICT Literate

GCSE’s in English & Maths at Grade C or above

Qualifications we deliver to meet the Knowledge:

BTEC Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles

BTEC Award in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (AME)

Bespoke Compressed Air Courses

Skills Component

Some Employers we are working with


Assignments, Observation, Portfolio of Evidence


36 Months