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Engineering Manufacturing Technician (Higher) Apprenticeship


An Apprenticeship for those that are providing specialist technical support for engineers

Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship


As a training provider, Semester LD is now able to offer apprenticeships. The Engineering Manufacturing Technician is found in large and small engineering and manufacturing organisations. These organisations provide products and services throughout a wide range of sectors. Included in this, roles such as Automotive, Aerospace/Airworthiness, Chemical Processing, Land Systems, Marine, Maritime Defence, Materials Manufacturers and their respective supply chains. Therefore, research indicates that the sector needs to recruit approximately 124,000 engineers and technicians every year.

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This is a great opportunity for someone who has already completed the Level 3 Engineering Technician Apprenticeship


Typical job titles include:

  • Firstly, Manufacturing engineer quality
  • Secondly, Manufacturing production engineer
  • Thirdly, Manufacturing procurement engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Costing engineer
  • Test and commissioning engineer
  • Installation engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Lastly, Production support engineer

Core Occupational Profile

The broad purpose of the engineering manufacturing technician is to provide specialist technical support for engineers. In effect, this is done so that organisations can develop, produce or test new/existing products, processes, or procedures. Therefore, meeting a customers specification in terms of quality, cost and delivery, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Accordingly, Engineering Manufacturing Technicians gather information and data from a range of sources and analyse the information/data. Furthermore, they will make decisions, solve problems and produce and/or update technical documentation, reports or specifications covering areas such as quality, reliability, production schedules/targets, costing or other technical documentation that informs others, either internally or externally what needs to be done such as how a product must be designed, manufactured, tested, modifed, maintained, stored, transported, commissioned or decommissioned.


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Learning will be delivered remotely via Moodle, our Learning Management System (LMS). All progress will be recorded on OneFile, the e-portfolio we have used since 2014. As an employer, you will also get an account so that you can monitor the progress of your apprentice.


This does not need to be a new employee, it can be someone suitable,already in your employ, whom you want to upskill. To read about the benefits of online learning see our article.


For further details get in contact via the contact page or call us on 01792 732001

Awarding Organisation (AO)

Engineering Training Awards (ETA), Pearson (Edexcel)


Assignments, Exam/Test, Project, Portfolio of Evidence


42 Months