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Smart Home Technician


Smart home installation technician /Residential Network Installer, Audio/ Video installer

Smart Home Technician

As an apprenticeship training provider, Semester LD is now able to offer the SHT apprenticeship. As such, the Smart Home Technician (SHT) has been around for many years, but only now is there an apprenticeship for the industry.

Smart Home Technician Roles

Respectively, the employee could be any of the following:

  • Firstly, Smart home installation technician
  • Secondly, Residential Network Installer
  • Thirdly, Audio/ Video installer

What does a Smart Home Technician do?

Firstly, the growth of home networks connected to the internet and the level of communication between people and devices has created a new technological landscape in which almost every aspect of our homes can become one home technology ecosystem. Included in this, our audio, video, home cinema, and security systems to our heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Furthermore, even our window blinds, doors, and gates, our home environments are integrating into single, controllable home experiences.

As such, today’s Smart Home Technician (SHT) is the professional who installs, configures, and maintains this ecosystem. Therefore, their work objective is to deliver a simple, secure, reliable, and sustainable user experience according to industry best practice and within project timelines and scope. Additionally, the SHT will work on construction sites and in homes with senior colleagues such as a Senior SHT, Smart Home Designer, Networking Specialist, or Home Theatre Designer to create integrated systems using a variety of equipment and services from other suppliers.  Accordingly, these projects will vary in size and scale from small homes to luxury mansions, yachts and multi-dwelling developments. Furthermore, this will range from simple component installation to creating a complex, electronic integrated systems environment.

Lastly, the SHT will be able to install, configure, calibrate, and troubleshoot a range of electrically connected Digital Home Technologies or Separated Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) devices. Correspondingly, the SHT will have a good working knowledge of common hardware, software, IP networking, audio & visual distribution, and RF systems and user interfaces. Furthermore, they will have appropriate personal skills to deal with home owners and colleagues in associated construction trades. Incorporated in this, roles such as electricians, IT professionals, Security, Access Control, Fire and Intruder Alarm companies, Lighting designers and Installers, professional light and sound suppliers, Commercial AV companies. For more information, please visit here.

What does Semester LD offer?

Semester LD has a vast experience of dealing with major manufacturers in upskilling their workforce. Correspondingly, this is achieved through our NVQ and HNC programmes in lots of sectors. Accordingly, some of these companies can be found on our About Page.

Take a look at the standard:


Assignments, Observation, Portfolio of Evidence




18 Months




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