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BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals (QCF)


If you are working in IT or Telecoms and need a qualification that will benchmark you skills for a new job or promotion, this is the one for you. Also available at Level 4

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What is Competence Diploma?

Professional Competence (NVQ in IT and Telecoms) qualifications give learners the opportunity to:

  • engage in learning which is relevant to them and will provide opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in working life
  • gain knowledge, understanding and skills they need to prepare for employment
  • gain a nationally recognised vocationally specific qualification to enter employment in the IT sector or to progress to higher education vocational qualifications
  • develop functional skills and personal learning and thinking skills essential for successful performance in working life
  • certificate smaller blocks of learning which are designed to motivate them and encourage widening participation in education and training.


To find out more on how we deliver NVQ’s, visit the main page.


These NVQ in IT and Telecoms qualifications are designed to prepare learners for employment in the IT and Telecoms sector and are suitable for those who have decided that they wish to enter a specific area of work within the IT and Telecoms industry.


It is a benchmark of your skills that is nationally recognised. It could even be internationally recognised if you choose to go down the professional qualification route with the IET. You could gain ICTTech or EngTech status. See the IET for more details about professional certification.


To gain this qualification you simply prove you are competent in a number of different areas. You provide evidence of your competence through observation on the job, witness testimony and work product evidence among others. You build up a portfolio of evidence which is assessed by an occupationally competent assessor on our e-portfolio.


Who is this NVQ in IT and Telecoms course for?

Job Roles this course is suitable for:

Please note that you must be employed in the sector so as to generate evidence. This is not suitable for those who are not currently working.

  • Business Analyst
  • Computer Games Designer
  • Computer Games Technical Support person
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Service Technician
  • Internet/Web Professional
  • IT Product Developer
  • IT Technical Sales Specialist
  • IT Trainer
  • Telecommunications Technician



What units are available?

There are over 50 units to choose from depending on the type of work you do. There are 2 mandatory modules, but the remainder are up to you, and can be a mixture of level 2, 3 or 4 units. As long as 60% are at the level of the qualification or above.

Your assessor will construct an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with you and discuss where evidence will come from.  Prices do not include assessor travel or associated expenses if needed.

Mandatory Units


  • Health and Safety in ICT
  • Develop Own Effectiveness and Professionalism


Specialist Units

  • Customer Care in ICT
  • Interpersonal and Written Communication
  • Data Modelling
  • Technical Fault Diagnosis
  • Working with ICT Hardware and Equipment
  • Investigating and Defining Customer Requirements for ICT Systems
  • Managing Software Development
  • Creating a Procedural Computer Program
  • Creating an Object-oriented Computer Program
  • Creating an Event-driven Computer Program
  • Customer Apparatus and Line Installation
  • Quality Management of ICT Products and Services
  • Remote Support for Products or Services
  • Security of ICT Systems
  • Software Installation and Upgrade
  • System Management
  • IT and Telecoms System Management
  • System Operation
  • IT and Telecoms System Operation
  • Technical Advice and Guidance
  • Testing ICT Systems
  • Testing IT and Telecoms Systems
  • User Profile Administration
  • Designing and Developing a Website
  • Planning, Implementation and Maintenance of IPTV Delivery Systems


How long do I get to complete this qualification?

You are allowed 12 months to complete from registration. Your progress can be monitored in OneFile as we will program your start and finish dates. If you do not complete within the given time, you can extend on a month by month basis.

Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)


Portfolio of Evidence


Online, Remote








12 Months

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