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Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship


The Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship is suitable for employees already with your company who want to progress.

Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship (ST0746)


Firstly, the Fire Safety Inspector Apprenticeship is needed in construction and facilities management. Furthermore, in some industries this may be termed Fire Auditor. Your company could be any of the following:


  • Local Council
  • Building Contractor
  • Safety Contractor
  • Fire and Rescue Service (FRS)



Secondly, the occupation of the fire safety inspector is a specialist role within the protection element of the Fire and Rescue sector. As such, it links together with the other two elements of protection and response. Furthermore, the broad purpose of the role is to assess the level of fire safety in the built environment in their area and investigate improvements. Additionally, where necessary, to preserve life, reduce damage to property and the environment and to support economic growth.


Lastly, an employee in this occupation will be responsible for providing advice, participating in consultations. Additionally, enforcement of legislation relating to fire safety and supporting investigations and prosecutions.


Semester LD has a vast experience of dealing with major manufacturers in upskilling their workforce through our NVQ, Level 3 and HNC programmes in Engineering, Business and ICT. As such, some of these companies can be found on our About Page.

The Apprenticeship:

We will deliver the apprenticeship, at the employer location over a period of 2 years. Knowledge (Off the Job) will be delivered by distance learning online, and will be available 24/7.

On the job, you will be carrying out the duties of a fire auditor and inspector, supervised by qualified personnel.


End Point Assessment (EPA)

You will need to pass the following:

  1. Practical Assessment
  2. Professional Discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence
  3. Knowledge Test


Included Qualifications

Entry Requirements

As a guide, we would expect any potential Fire Safety Inspector to have at least 2 years experience in the industry. Alternatively, any of the following qualifications also count:


At the end of the apprenticeship, the learner will be eligible to join the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE)as an Associate

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Meet the Team


Exam/Test, Portfolio of Evidence


24 Months