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1 to 1 Tuition


Get 1 to 1 tuition to help with your studies.

Get tailored 1 to 1 Tuition.

There may be times when you need the direction of a subject matter expert to help you understand a particular topic. For example, you have read every book, watched every video, posted on the student forum. However, you still cannot get your head around a particular topic (calculus comes to mind!). As such, the 1 to 1 Tuition can give you that specialist knowledge and help guide you through those assignments

Furthermore, the tutors delight in 1 to 1 sessions, it gives them a chance to interact with students in a different way to how they normally do. Notably, bear in mind they are not available once an assignment has been issued. Our tutors are a busy bunch and will need to be booked in advance.

How 1 to 1 Tuition Works

We have 2 virtual channels to use for 1 to 1’s, Microsoft Teams and The Big Blue Button (a virtual classroom within Moodle).

How to Book 1 to 1 Tuition

  • Firstly, complete the 1 to 1 tuition form with at least 3 dates and times that would be suitable.
  • Secondly, a tutor will contact you to confirm.
  • Thirdly, We will send a link for payment.
  • Fourthly, At the time and date, click the link to join the virtual classroom.
  • Lastly, the tutor will go then help you with whatever topic you asked about.

Further sessions or regular sessions can be booked in the same way.

Some of the topics students have asked for:


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