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National Vocational Qualifications

Competence based which you need to be employed in to get the experience


What is a work based NVQ?

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) or Competence-based qualifications reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively. They are work-based qualifications that give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in the area of work or job role to which the qualification relates.

NVQs/Competence-based qualifications are outcomes-based with no fixed learning programme, allowing flexibility in their delivery to meet the individual learner’s needs. The qualifications are based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the sector, which define what employees, or potential employees, must be able to do and know, and how well they should undertake work tasks and work roles.

How does it work?


First of all you need to be working in the vocational area that you want to be qualified in. So if you are looking for an NVQ in Engineering Maintenance, then that is what you should be doing, at the level required.


We use the OneFile e-portfolio to track your progress, and even your employer or parent can have their own access.

Check out our blog on free digital tools/

How long does it take?

The record stands at 3 weeks for the NVQ in Engineering Maintenance, but he was prepared, had lots of APL and was really determined to get it all done quickly.

Typically students can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months to complete, and you don’t need to take the full 12 Months like bricks and mortar colleges, because we are flexible.

OneFile e-Portfolio


We use the industry wide e-portfolio from OneFile. This allows learners to access their portfolio from any mobile device, so you can access it on your smartphone in the workplace or on site. With the OneFile app on your phone you can video or photograph or audio record your evidence, straight into your portfolio.

How can I use work based evidence?


There are many ways to provide evidence, such as:

  • Work Product (WP) – such as job sheets, work instructions, Risk Assessments
  • Personal Statements (PS) – A written account of a job you did, can include WP and photos
  • Video Link (VL) – A live connection with your assessor via smartphone
  • Video Recording (VR) – Using your smartphone or helmet mounted camera, film yourself doing the job
  • Reflective Account (RA) – A write up of a course, situation, job with embedded WP

Approved Scheme

This qualification will allow you to claim letters after your name (EngTech), once you have joined the IET, no matter the pathway.

Please also see the web page:

IET Approved Scheme
Blue CSCS Card - Skilled Worker, NVQ, Vocational
Red CSCS Trainee card

Construction Skills Certification Scheme(CSCS) Skilled Worker

Recently, most building sites require workers on site to have a CSCS card. These can be for labourers, skilled worked etc. Some of our NVQ’s will allow you to get the skilled worker card.

What some of our students have said:

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