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New Data Based Privacy Measures


As part of our exciting new updates for 2018, at Semester Learning, we’ve recently updated our technology, including the introduction of a new secure server for our web page and Moodle site to make sure that every single piece of data entrusted to us is kept confidential and super-secure for complete peace of mind.

The big reveal

As you’ve no doubt seen on TV and the internet, heard on the radio and read in the newspapers – data is a big deal at the moment and, in particular, personal data.  Many of us found ourselves following the sometimes worrying, often hilarious grilling of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg by Congress in the USA, amid claims that data-analysis company Cambridge Analytica harvested up to 87 million users’ data from the social media site.

Facebook users were shocked to find out just how much of their personal data is shared online every time they access the site and update details such as location, status and employment details.

Since Zuckerberg’s two days in Congress last month, Facebook has now begun to address the issue of how much of its users data is collected and where it can be shared – many of us have recently logged onto Facebook to be greeted by a pop up asking us to review our data privacy.

A private matter

 The Facebook scandals come in a year when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has just released new guidelines.  The GDPR is a body which oversees the protection of personal data citizens by businesses within the EU.  Although not directly related to Facebook, the new guidelines have been formed by the amount of data being shared over the internet and aims to protect the privacy of citizens.  The GDPR, which come into effect on the 25th May 2018, will replace the Data Protection Act of 1998 and will be strictly enforced – any company found to be non-compliant will face fines up to 10 million Euros or 2% of its global annual turnover.  Although set to leave the EU, the United Kingdom will still be expected to comply with the new regulations.  Although most companies have been aware of the planned GDPR for the last four years and, have acted accordingly, a worrying 28% of UK companies confessed that they have not begun work in earnest to ensure compliance.

As well as business to business and business to customer, the GDPR will also roll out to education establishments and will cover the employer / employee relationship.

At Semester, we’re happy to confirm that personal data shared with us, stays with us and we are constantly striving to make sure that our customers’ complete privacy is protected.