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Communications and Employability Skills

The aim of this unit is to ensure that learners understand both the personal attributes valued by employers and the principles of communicating effectively whist developing effective communication skills and addressing their own personal development needs.

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Introduction to Communications and Employability Skills

Non-technical skills and attitudes, known as soft skills, and the technical skills and knowledge required for specific jobs in IT are key to employability. As such, soft skills are those skills relating to an individual’s ability to communicate and work effectively with others. Furthermore, to use appropriate language, be dependable and conscientious. In addition, to generally behave in an acceptable manner in the workplace. Therefore, soft skills complement hard skills, which are the knowledge, understanding and technical skills required to do a job. These aspects are covered in the Communications and Employability Skills Unit.

In this Communications and Employability Skills Unit, learners will come to appreciate the soft skills they need to develop to become effective employees. Simultaneously, learners will identify and consider their own soft skills and, through practise, improve these skills.

Moreover, communication skills are key to success in any sector but are particularly  important in highly technical sectors. Included in this, sectors such as IT, where the language used can become full of jargon. As such, it is important that learners are able to communicate with non-technical staff and understand when different types and vehicles of communication are appropriate.

IT provides specific software packages and advanced tools that can be used to improve the effectiveness of communications. Through this unit learners will be able to improve their general communication skills and ensure that they understand how to exploit specific application packages and tools.

All individuals, whether learners or employees, must accept the need for continual self-development to maintain their effectiveness. For this reason, learning outcome 4 involves the use of personal development plans which can be used to capture and track training needs, and the accumulation of new skills and knowledge. For further information, please visit here.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Understand the personal attributes valued by employers
  2. Understand the principles of effective communication
  3. Be able to use IT to communicate effectively
  4. Be able to address personal development needs.

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