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Digital Support Technician


The broad purpose of a Digital Support Technician is to maximise the effective use of digital office technologies, productivity software, digital communications, including collaborative technologies, and digital information systems to achieve objectives.

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Digital Support Technician Overview

The Digital Support Technician is found in organisations, large and small. Furthermore, they are found in all sectors, and within public, private and voluntary organisations. As such, organisations of all types are increasing applying digital technologies across all their business functions to maximise productivity. Therefore, the demand for people who can support and implement these digital operations and digital transformation projects is increasing. Similarly, organisations of all types are increasingly supporting their service users though online and digital channels, as they develop omni-channel approaches to meeting customer needs, deflect traditional telephone and face-to-face contacts and to reduce costs.

These qualifications are for learners who work in any industry that deals with data. It is not just for school leavers and employers can use the Levy (in England) to upskill existing employees into a new role or to qualify in their current role.

It will require 20% off the Job time (OJT) to study and we can record this on our systems. We are on the Register of Apprenticeship Training providers (RoATP) and can be found on the Government Website.

The Digital Support Technician qualification gives learners the opportunity to:

  • develop knowledge related to develop written communication, review online activity, apply structured techniques to problems, use of digital tools and analytics
  • achieve Level 3 qualifications
  • develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning.

Typical Job Roles as a Digital Support Technician

  • Digital Coach
  • Digital Transformation Associate
  • ICT Support Analyst
  • Digital Champion
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Administrator
  • IT Operations Technician
  • Digital Applications Specialist
  • Digital Systems Operator

To find out more about standards type apprenticeships, please see our apprenticeships page. Alternatively, for more information on the Digital Support Technician, please visit here.


BTEC Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles:

  • ICT U014 – Principles of ICT System and Data Security
  • ICT U023 – Communications and Employability Skills
  • ICT U024 – Project Planning with IT
  • ICT U049 – Information Systems

BTEC Diploma in Competence for IT & Telecoms Professionals (L3)

  • Health & Safety in ICT
  • Develop Own Effectiveness and Professionalism
  • Interpersonal and Written Communications
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • System Operation
  • Database Software
  • Presentation Software




Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)


15 Months