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NVQ Level 3 – Jonathon Owen


What attracted you to the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance course?

The flexibility to be able to work and learn. Being able to complete the theoretical side when I had the flexibility of doing so meant I didn’t have to stress as much as I would have had it been a conventional college with their set deadlines. Additionally, I previously did a MIG welding qualification and wanted to develop my knowledge and skills further by taking this course.


How’s your experience of the course been?

It’s been really good, I took the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance course during the Covid-19 pandemic and it gave me the flexibility to complete my studies online. Unfortunately, due to my shift pattern the course took a bit longer but the option of having extensions meant it didn’t affect the overall result.


Were there any challenges you encountered during your course? 

The only challenge I sometimes found was getting the motivation to get the theory done. Sometimes you get wrapped up with other commitments but knowing at the end of the course I would become more qualified gave me that purpose, it gave me that motivation. Furthermore, the sense of achievement knowing I would receive the certificate at the end gave me the determination to do really well. That challenge ultimately became my achievement because I was able to focus on myself by setting my own targets and goals, which is something employers like to see.


What was your proudest achievements whilst studying the course?

My proudest achievement was completing the course, sometimes you take days for granted as you get wrapped up in everyday life so being able to set targets and have the overall achievement of completing the course make me feel proud.


What are you currently doing now after completing the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Maintenance course?

Since completing the course, I have been offered to work for a leading railway company. Furthermore, the qualification has enabled me to advance in my career.

Do you have any future plans in achieving your career goals?

I plan to stay at the railway firm I’m working for, the course has given the prospects of opening many doors for the future as most employers ask for a minimum of a Level 3, so it’s a piece of mind knowing I’ve got the qualification and skills gained from the course to meet the employer’s needs.


What would you say to students who’d like to follow this education pathway?

Just do it, you’ll need to have a basic working knowledge as it shows on the website, this enables learners to have the grounding knowledge to develop on throughout the course, at the end you’ll leave with a high standard of knowledge from the online learning and skills gained from on-the-job experience. It’s also good to have a strong relationship with colleagues as you can further develop your skills and gain some good friends on the way. After completing the course, you’ll get more freedom in different industries while having the qualification to back it up.

It’s also good for EU nationals as you have a UK recognised qualification, one of my good friends who I recommended to complete a similar course is working with me as a result, so it opens up doors for anyone. Furthermore, you could see financial benefits from developing the career ladder and have good job security with certain companies as a result. Lastly, the industry needs these Level 3 qualifications as there’s a shortage on the job market due to a lack of people doing the qualification, meaning workers can be upskilled.



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