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Robot Wars In The Workplace


Love it or hate it, an increasing amount of the world that we live in runs on technology – and the rapid advances in recent years are only set to accelerate in the future.

Techno fan

Most of the technology we use has been developed to make our lives easier – whether its dizzying advancement of communication methods or the tools to make our jobs quicker and easier.  Less than half a century has seen home telephones go from ‘only for the rich’ to something everybody has in their pocket and the progress for industry has been enormous.  Although most of this advancement is considered to be good news for most of us, there are those who see a very definite downside to it.

Having your work cut out

A recent study showed that a third of the UK’s workforce have concerns that modern technology will see them out of a job.   Heavily focused on London where a staggering 46% of employees said that they worry about losing their jobs to robots, the research highlighted just how many skilled workers are being replaced by technology.  Younger people in particular voiced concerns about spending years at University for a job which may not even exist at the end of their studies.  In the past 20 years, travel agents, record shops and retail outlets have gone under at an alarming rate due to the business going online.  Generations who grew up with the internet, self-service supermarkets and airport self check-in can imagine only too well the realities of technological advancement.

Smart learning for smart working

As part of the Semester Learning family, you already understand the need to not just keep up with but get ahead of business trends and new innovations.  Our courses and apprenticeships are constantly evolving in order to move with the times – everything from business courses to telecommunications and the all-important IT modules are designed to allow for a fluid and flexible learning process.  In order to make sure your career or business stays ahead of the curve, it’s important to keep learning current which means making sure you or your employees undergo continuous learning.

Although it’s inevitable that technology will make some workplace roles obsolete in the next ten years or so, smart learning means that you or your company are able to adapt and to intelligently forecast which areas you need to focus on.

As we strongly encourage constant learning, we’ve discounted our already affordable courses and offer a number of finance options to help spread the cost.  At Semester, we practice what we preach and have recently updated our own technology to include a secure server for our web page and Moodle site to ensure that every single piece of data entrusted to us is confidential and super-secure.  We’re also constantly updating the courses available and we’d be happy to have a chat about your next move once you’ve finished your current course.