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Your Team – Only Better


A new study published in Psychological Science has found that there is a tangible link between personality and career success.

In character

The study, by Tilburg University researchers, concluded that employees whose personal characteristics mirror those of their employer are likely to earn more than those whose personalities are less matched.  During the research, 8,458 people were examined and comparisons made between their perceived personality traits and their current employment.  On completion of the study, lead researcher J.A Denissen said, “Our findings show that looking at the combination of personality traits and job demands is key to predict important outcomes, like income.”

Great minds think alike

We’ve all heard of ‘personality clash’ being stated as a factor in somebody leaving a job or failing to achieve promotion and, the new study shows the importance of finding the right fit, not just in terms of skills and knowledge but also in compatibility.  Nobody is saying that you have to become best friends with your boss and colleagues but the new research shows that being on the same page as your workmates can pay dividends – quite literally!

For an employer, it’s frustrating to find that your staff have the skills and the personality to be a great fit for your organisation – but not the qualifications.  Nobody wants to have to let a valued employee go just because they don’t have the necessary qualifications and, Semester Learning has the answer.

On your team

Even before the new research, at Semester Learning we’ve always known that having the right employee with the right qualifications can be difficult which is where our on-the-job distance learning courses come in.  We provide real life skills and qualifications for industry and, our e-learning means that your existing employee can balance their learning around their duties. We believe that everybody should have the chance to learn new skills and get onto the right career path and, now that Spring is in the air, we’ve discounted the prices of some of our courses to make them even more affordable.  We even offer several payment options to make sure that financing e-learning is even more manageable.

Next Semester

2018 is already shaping up to be a big year for us and we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some important technical improvements including a secure server for the web page and Moodle site, giving both employers and learners peace of mind that their data is 100% protected.

From transferable skills to business courses and engineering and IT modules, we’re proud to guide you through the next Semester of your learning career.